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July 14 2012 – This is something very special. Great job and look forward to coming back soon.

Martin Ginns, Harley-Davidson Motor Company®, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


July 14 2012 – Top marks, great achievement.

Michael Clarke , Dundee, Scotland.


July 14 2012 – So glad we could share this momentous occasion with you!

Julia & Dawn Welstead, Toronto Canada.


July 14 2012 – Great being here.

Lynne Schleper, Vail, Colorado, U.S.A.


July 14 2012 – Glad to be back. Good luck.

Nancy Ricci, Vail Colorado U.S.A.


July 15 2012 – Good Luck.

Ian Bullions, Soi Ratchaken, Bangkok.


July 16 2012 – Top Job, be proud of a good job well done.

Leigh Arkless, Perth, Western Australia.


Aug 3, 2012 – My family would be so proud of what you have done – Thank you.

Heather Rothery (Great granddaughter of Arthur Davidson) & Kevin McDonell, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Aug 4, 2012  – Thank you for saving a piece of history.

D. MacDonald, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.


Aug 5, 2012 – Thanks for the tour, will see you again.

J.R. Winandy, (Pott’s), Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.


Aug 24, 2012 – A great pleasure to be here, thanks for the welcome.

Alain Deweerdt, Capital of Belgium Chapter.


Aug 25 2012 – Complimenti per aver fatto rwascere L’inzio della grande storia. Grazie dello nostro cortesia. Buon lavoro.

Barbara Corrado, Borriana, Italia.


October 2, 2012 – Love it – great job – can’t wait to see it finished.

Neil & Tracey McIrvine, Melbourne, Australia.


Oct 9, 2012 – Thank you for caring so much about and preserving such an important link and piece of our family history!

Jeffrey Davidson Schrager (great grandson of William A. Davidson) & Evy Schrager.


Oct 10, 2012 – What a beautiful restoration. Thank you for preserving this legacy and important Davidson history.

Ray & Rhonda Malzo, Orange County Harley-Davidson owners, Irvine, California, U.S.A.


October 19 2012 – Love the cottage and the feeling of stepping back in time, we’ll be back.

Gav and Jules Morrice, Carnoustie, Scotland.


April 21 2013 – Totally awesome – wonderful to see the history continue. Thank you.

Leslie & Mark Hughes, Emily Cavicchio, Sykesville, Maryland U.S.A.


May 4 2013 – What a great job done. Fabulous and a credit to the Harley name.

Mike & Cris Stanley, St. Annes on Sea, Lancashire,


May 6 2013 – I’m lost for words – it’s fantastic.

Lindesay Tait, Edinburgh, Scotland.


June 9 2013 – Beautiful job! Thanks for taking us through.

David and Jane Wolff, Cypress, Texas. U.S.A.


August 21 2014 – Thank you for preserving the heritage.

John Baker, Juneau Avenue, Milwaukee, USA.


August 21 2014 – Your “must do” has made this a “must do”!

Marjorie Rae, Oxford, England.


August 25 2014 – Fantastic – My roots.

Jean Davidson, (Granddaughter of Walter Davidson), Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.


August 25 2014 – This cottage could have been lost! Only because of you was it saved. Thanks. This is my history & the worlds!

Jon Davidson Oeflein (Great grandson of Walter Davidson), Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.


August 25 2014 – Great to finally visit.

Andy Hornsby, American-V magazine.


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  1. chuck hazeltine | |

    June 2013
    well done great to have this part of history saved.

  2. Chuck Hazeltine | |

    shipped bike from NYC to Southampton UK in June. Did 10,000 miles in ten weeks and was in 20 countries. A friend from the states told me about this restored Davidson house so stopped by. Great job restoring this part of history. thanks.

    • Chuck Hazeltine | |

      Boston Mass America

  3. Neil martin | |

    Really good time spent at the cottage,Mike was very informative and made us feel very welcome,well worth the visit

  4. Rick Darrah | |

    Jean and Jon it was great to meet and talk with you yesterday 10/31/2015 at Crystal River Harley. Great website and great family history. Jean it was good to hear about your trip to Scotland I have added it to my bucket list. I know we were in the McDonald clan and our last name was Darragh before we came here.

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