Friends of the Legacy badges

Ever since we started the restoration, people have been kind enough to recognise what we are doing and they want to help. Whether they have pulled the weeds up for us, or pulled out their wallets, we wanted a way to show our appreciation so Mike designed some pretty cool stainless steel badges. A friend was kind enough to donate the display board (see image above) that sits directly across from the cottage. This gives us a way of recognising those that have helped or, just as importantly, ’believed’ in us and what we’re doing.

If you’d like to contribute, this is the way to do it. You get your very own stainless steel badge and we’ll make sure your name or club name goes up on the board. You’ll be in good company too, alongside Jean Davidson, Fife Kustom Klub and Dangerous Brian to name but a few. Take a look through the badges below to see if you can spot yours.

The badges cost £100 each including engraving.

Important reminder: The number of badges is limited. When the board is full, it’s full!

A big ‘THANK YOU’, to all of those mentioned below who have already shown their belief in what we’ve been doing.

 Mike Sinclair                Maggie Sherrit            Keith Mackintosh     

 Martin Ginns                Jean Davidson             Nick Hide                     

 Norman Atkinson       Bob Falconer                Ray & Rhonda Malzo

 Orange County H.D.    Gordon Skinner           J. Davidson Schrager            

 Craig Watson                Carol Lange                   Hamish Broxburn

 Bob & Lyn McDonald  Gordon Emslie             Fife Kustom Club

 Paul Best                        Laura & Emma             Dunedin H.O.G.

 Papa                                Ray Davies                     Neil & Tracey McIrvine 

 Belanger/Makara        J & R Olejniczak            Scott Fraser

 Mark & Leslie Hughes Juan & Margaret         Phil & Susan MacIver 

 Peter & Grit                   Paul & Lynne Goode   Bruce Robertson

 Chris MacPhee              Linda MacPhee            Gav & Jules Morrice

 Jim Petrie                        Tom Gunn                     Cherie Timney Gunn

 Pops & June                    Dangerous Brian         Brian & Kay

 Jonny & Luke                 Keith Knox                     Jed & Luke

Lyn & Russ                The Black Cherries Wolfie & Maggie

  Ian Bullions            David & Bee              Fran & Jim     

 Caledonia Harley ClubSpree Chapter, Berlin

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